Accept, Automate & Monetize
Payments on Your Platform

Integrate Once and Improve Payment Success for Every Vendor Forever!

Get Connected
with Just a Click

Easily connect your entire payments infrastructure with just credentials, in a single portal via user-friendly dashboards

Elevate Payments

Take your platform's payments experience to the next level with Scratch's all-in-one solution.

Be More Competitive

Elevate your platform's payment experience for every vendor with fully-agnostic payments.

Improve Payment Success

Capture more revenue with increased auth rates and intelligent "best-cost" routing.

Expand Your Reach

Open new markets fast with localized payment experiences and payment partners.

Drive New Revenue

Increase platform revenue with white-label payment apps and services.

Deliver Personalized Checkout Flows for Every Customer at Scale.

Eliminate payment friction and checkout abandonment with checkout flows that delight customers with the payment options that they expect no matter where they are or how they like to pay.

Empower Every Vendor On Your Platform
with Payment Automation

Increase the lifetime value of every customer with amazing no-code workflows and automations.

Automate Payment Processors

Take Charge with Composable Point of Sale and Integrated Payment Controls.

Customize your point of sale and achieve best cost processing with intelligent payment orchestration built in. Route transactions by amount, location, and revenue channel - all managed via integrated payment controls without writing a single line of code.

Extend Your Payment Stack
with Building Block Apps

Scratch Blocks Snap Together to Transform Your Platform Payments
Giving Every Vendor More Control Over How They Get Paid

Free Your Team from the Hassle
of Manual Payments Maintenance

Manage payments without employing large teams of payment professionals
or spending hours trying to keep up with all the ways you get paid.

Build a Payment Stack
That Builds Your Business

Monetize a Growing Marketplace of Payment Apps & Services
While Maintaining Control of the Downstream Customer Experience

Easy for Developers
Made for Humans

Connect Your Entire Payments Infrastructure with a Single API

and Empower Vendors with Drop-in Integrated Payment Controls

Become a Scratch
Certified Retail Partner

Scratch invites interested individuals in payments and managed services to apply to become a Certified Reseller, Independent Sales Partner. As a Scratch

CRISP representative, you will have access to the latest sales tools, best-in-class brands, and materials to make the most out of your new venture. 

Not Your Parents
Payment Stack

About Scratch


Scratch is your platform's fully-agnostic payments infrastructure. Scratch products work together to supercharge the payments experience for every vendor with no-code tools that improve payment success, reduce fees, and deliver personalized payment experiences for every customer at scale. Scratch is simple to adopt and integrates through a single API. Drop in Scratch controls anywhere you would like to facilitate a payment flow and vendors can manage their payment channels via simple widgets without leaving your platform.


Scratch Software Inc. HQ


Scratch Software Inc. is a Delaware Company that is Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona. 


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