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Scratchware is the first of its kind portable payments platform that is protecting revenue by putting people back in charge of all the ways they get paid.

How It Works

Unlock your payments' potential


Protect revenue and automate payments with Scratchware's all-in-one portability payments platform


With Scratchware you can



RECOUP Revenue



Protect Profit

Smart Route Payment Automation


Convert More Carts

Zero-fee Unified Frictionless Checkout


Own Your Data

Portable Payments

Transform digital commerce


Take control of payments and profits with a new generation of portable apps and services





Portable Scratch Apps

and counting...




Ways to Pay

localized payments




Azure Edge Services

digitally transform



The ultimate in portability


Drive new revenue strategies with enhanced business intelligence powered by unified views

Scratch is putting people back in charge of their payments

Effortless orchestration


Securely connect payment service providers and platforms without additional code

requires initial platform integration



We've taken the code requirements out of customization



Connect with credentials


Exchange data


Connectivity health


Integration routes

Beautifully designed . elegantly coded

At Scratch we are developing a new generation of payments technology that runs on unified data. We call it Scratchware.

Cloud Native

Fully observable

Security first

Ground-up build

Platform Neutral

Modular apps & services

Unified APIM

Secure connection layer

Build a business in portable payments


Get started today no contracts, no investment, no overhead, no excuses


Build a better future with portable payments





Zero Investment

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Build your business your way


for platforms.

Accept and monetize payments while protecting profits with portability from Scratch.

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Go portable Protect profits

Automate payment routes, eliminate failed transactions and recover revenue typically lost to fees with one single integration and a simple connection.

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Optimize payments, dramatically reduce processing fees, and increase conversions with integrated Scratchware apps and services through a simple single API.

What We Offer

SCRATCHWARE Provides: Profit Recovery Services including, Compliant Surcharging as a Service, Cash Discounting, Service Fee Delivery, Convenience Fees, Agnostic Intelligent Payments Routing, Data Aggregation, Secure Global Cloud APIs, Data Vaulting, Tokenization, Frictionless Commerce, Data Portability, Cloud Services, and Visualized Data.

Surcharging Service Areas

We provide surcharging service to the entire US, US territories, and Canada except in locations where Surcharging is prohibited. Service Fees are limited to authorized MCC Codes Only.


Scratch Software Inc. is committed to a diverse and distributed working environment and is headquartered in the United States

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