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PHOENIX, September 14, 2021 -  Scratch Software Inc., a portable payments technology pioneer, announced today that its SCRATCHWARE™ reseller program is officially open to the public.  Designed to be a one-of-a-kind entrepreneurship opportunity, SCRATCHWARE™ allows anyone to start their own business without a major investment of capital. 

“Now is a great time to start your own business,” says Lorde Astor West, founder and CEO of Scratch Software, Inc., citing the July 2021 Small Business Sentiment Index, which reports that approximately two-thirds of the respondents to its latest survey agree with the sentiment.

"The pandemic has caused a shift in the economic and employment landscapes,” says West.  “People want to control their own destinies through business ownership rather than continue to rely on the aging and unreliable traditional employment model.” Scratchware resellers have the ability to be their own boss by reselling the SCRATCHWARE™ payments platform products and services.

The SCRATCHWARE™ payments platform provides businesses with a full-featured data hub from which they can control all of their payment activity - even across payment processors.  SCRATCHWARE™ resellers sell this capability to multiple businesses and can start generating revenue right away.  Reseller’s decide on their own markup and keep their revenue for the lifetime of their customers - all without signing any lengthy contracts or paying upfront fees. 

To view the tools available to SCRATCHWARE™ resellers please visit Scratchware Business Opportunity


About Scratch Software Inc.  


Scratch Software, Inc. is a cloud-native integrated payments layer providing apps and services that can be instantly activated to extend digital commerce capabilities such as automated payments orchestration, card vaulting, and Surcharging-as-a-Service™ with the flip of a switch through a single integration.

About the Founder


Lorde Astor West is the founder of Scratch Software Inc. and a pioneer of the modern web. Starting her first custom development shop in the early 2000s, she achieved success developing data-driven, custom dynamic software solutions across industries from healthcare to e-commerce, and automotive to legal by deploying flexible solutions comprised of small building block apps that fit together to drive robust business solutions. Her personal philosophies led her to shift her company's focus from custom development to SaaS, Iaas, PaaS to facilitate the growing demand for data portability, data-as-an-asset, and interoperability for modern applications. To date, she and her team have developed a distributed OS kernel, and several full-stack platforms from payments, to cloud-publishing, invoicing cloud-commerce, and personal data ownership as well as 30+ modules, apps, and portable data services to facilitate data ownership.

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Unlock and unify your data so that you can safely use it to orchestrate payments and optimize your business across all our favorite apps and services from a single portal through a single connection that you control.

What We Offer

Scratch is a cloud-native portable data utility that provides secure payment data pipelines so that businesses can securely store their data and use it with any trusted third party to orchestrate payments, streamline business processes, and eliminate single points of failure

Credit Card Surcharging as a Service.

Scratch provides credit card Surcharging-as-a-Service™ to the entire world where credit card surcharging is permitted with RECOUP and True MDR the only truly compliant credit card surcharging solution available through a single connection.


Scratch Software Inc. is committed to a diverse and distributed working environment and is headquartered in the United States

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