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Scratch Software Inc. launches new full-stack portability platform to protect business profits.


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Phoenix, August 20, 2020  — Scratch Software Inc., the Phoenix, Arizona company that pioneered Surcharging as a Service™ announced today that it has expanded its technology offering with the launch of its new proprietary full-stack portability platform, Scratchware™ .


The new platform is set to relieve the business owner from the burden of fees, friction, and fraud typically related to eCommerce and credit card processing.


Through a single integration, Scratch’s new technology builds a secure network between providers, equipping business owners with the infrastructure and simple interfaces to unify payments and transaction data all under one platform. Now businesses can avoid vendor lock-in by using the same data anywhere and seamlessly transitioning between providers.


“Portability is the way of the future,” says Lorde Astor West Scratch’s CEO and Founder.  “Until now business owners have been locked-in to using multiple vendors and platforms that did not play nice with each other.  By offering businesses the ability to unify all their data we are closing the gaps created by multiple legacy systems, creating a clear view of all of their business data, and protecting a tremendous amount of revenue.”  


With Scratchware™ in play, businesses can now increase margins by seeing all of their data in one place,  recovering revenue typically lost to processing fees, realizing an uplift in purchase volume with flexible payment options, and optimizing processing costs with intelligent routing.


Scratchware™ apps and services are being offered on a use-what-you-need, pay-as-you-go basis with discounts for businesses who process a large volume of transactions. Scratch is currently inviting strategic groups of merchants and select reseller partners to participate in industry-specific pilot programs focused on providing the exact solutions needed to meet the business goals of the program’s merchants.


About Scratch Software

Scratch Software, the portable payments and digital commerce company that pioneered  Surcharging as a Service™, a much sought-after pricing strategy is solving a nearly trillion-dollar issue: lost revenue due to fees, friction, and fraud.





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Automate payment routes, eliminate failed transactions and recover revenue typically lost to fees with one single integration and a simple connection.

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Optimize payments, dramatically reduce processing fees, and increase conversions with integrated Scratchware apps and services through a simple single API.

What We Offer

SCRATCHWARE Provides: Profit Recovery Services including, Compliant Surcharging as a Service, Cash Discounting, Service Fee Delivery, Convenience Fees, Agnostic Intelligent Payments Routing, Data Aggregation, Secure Global Cloud APIs, Data Vaulting, Tokenization, Frictionless Commerce, Data Portability, Cloud Services, and Visualized Data.

Surcharging Service Areas

We provide surcharging service to the entire US, US territories, and Canada except in locations where Surcharging is prohibited. Service Fees are limited to authorized MCC Codes Only.


Scratch Software Inc. is committed to a diverse and distributed working environment and is headquartered in the United States

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